Our Founders

Beyond the simple curiosity of knowing who founded the club, it is also useful for any new member to now a bit about the founders of the Lions.

There is a rumor that the first Chairman of the club, Henry Macdonald, far from promoting rugby in the Spanish capital, was actually using the club as a clever way to cover up activities involving MI6.  In 8 years of chairmanship, no one was able to discover his profession, nor his reasons for frequently travelling to the most remote parts of the Empire.  He hardly even tried to hide his retirement from active service when he moved back to the mother country in 2006!

The case of our second president, Charles Humphrey is very different but of vital relevance.  A distinguished and discerning client of numerous Madrid establishments, his experience in this area has led him to invent an alcoholic concoction to delight the most demanding of palates (his being the most demanding of all) which he christened - Charlie Special.  Given that there is a good chance a waiter might be at a loss as to what such a thing might contain, any Lion wishing to buy their Founding Father a drink has little option but to memorize the composition of this very special cocktail:

In a cider glass filled with ice add:

100% Pure Grain Premium Sobieski Polish Vodka (Spanish measure of course),

1 quarter lemon squeezed,

1 Schweppes Tonic water,

Stirred, not shaken.

* Rumor has it that his drinking preferences are continuously evolving as “the times they are a changing” so make sure to ask which special number it is before ordering!